Years ago, I sold a “niche market” pot to granola types and had an Etsy shop. Then it gathered cobwebs for a decade or so.

Let’s just pretend the cat hair and dust are on your screen, ok?

Now that Pandemic and studio closure have thrown my focus onto making jewelry (which I call “dangly bits” because I consider myself hilarious) – I am relearning the world of Etsy, which has apparently evolved from an online shopping mall to a gigantic market machine that requires lots of tutorial watching in order to navigate.

This may not scream Christmas, but there is frankincense in the little glass bottle.
See also: Buddha

As a middle aged person with older parents and younger kids, I do my best to keep up with technologies that didn’t exist until I was grown with kids of my own. So I’m doing my best. Mostly that means doing what Etsy tells me.

I quickly lost interest in standing six feet from other masked post office customers waiting to mail a package, so I learned how to buy and print my postage through Etsy and ship same day or next day without interacting with potential cootie-carriers. My packaging game is strong, and I post pix of my necklaces and earrings on my facebook page as often as I can without feeling like I’m abusing my friends for marketing purposes.

My daughter – masked and carrying a chlorox wipe – is visiting from her lonesome college town apartment for thanksgiving, and I’m going to have her model some stuff and help me make videos, which Etsy says I need.

Etsy also strongarmed me into offering 20% off of everything for a cyberweek sale, so I did that too.

Anyway, if all y’all are shopping from home this season, bookmark my shop maybe and stop back when you are in giftie mode? I am happy to gift wrap stuff and add your personal note.

Here’s my link: