Three of my troop’s girl scouts did a fundraiser for literacy by hosting an “Edible Book” feast.  People who entered created something edible based on a favorite book.  Mine was based on Calvin and Hobbes and the book  Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons.  The guy above buried his friend…

This one is swimming fast away from the snow sharks…

This one just took a cannonball (see below)


These little ones march around the cake protesting against Calvin’s dad’s rules.

It was a great time.  The adults and the kids categories had some incredibly detailed and imaginative entries! Jeff did Calvin’s transmogrifier and Molly did the clock shaoped arena from Catching Fire (Hunger Games series) complete with a festive corpse, evil monkeys, blood rain and a tidal wave.

I won the adult category prize for most creative entry.  Movie passes!  What should I see? I haven’t seen a movie since Avatar.

I ate way too much sugar today, though. Time for chili and a beer.