The pop up isn’t as bad as some — it’s pretty 1990 but not in a hunting-camp, earth-toney way. I had seen adorable camper mods on pinterest that went all 50s, black and white checkerboard tiles and vintage kitchen curtains, linoleum countertops and a felix-the-cat clock.. but mine isn’t a retro vintage metal camper, it’s a tent trailer, and so not 50s. If it were truly just me and I would never family-camp in it again. I might go all gypsy caravan with India batiks and pillows and fringe. But mostly I want to make it peaceful and quiet and bright.

So this morning (Sunday) after packing the teen girl child off to scout camp, I made a color decision. I had been thinking of saffron-yellow curtains, since the light wakes you in the morning and it’s a cheery color — and since the three-cycled curtains I am using are off white and a little grubby looking. I thought maybe teal, maybe one of the blues like on watery parts of a map or the globe — then HEY! Why not mod-podge actual maps to the cupboard doors, and then choose colors based on the maps? Some of my kitchen cupboards have maps and old book texts on them, and I once did our whole bathroom wallpaper in National Geographic maps. It’s a thing with me.

So I painted trim in a mappy blue on the primered doors. Then I started podging maps. IMG_0441[1] IMG_0442[1]