Today I lined the pressboard drawers from my steamer trunk project with the pages of a 1940s herbalist magazine. It has all kinds of testimonials and recipes for herbal remedies. I used modpodge, which is my favorite stuff.  Since the drawers are going to hold lotions and toiletries and potentially leaky stuff, I didn’t want fabric linings.  In the pic you can see that some of the sections are dry and some are still damp. They will all dry to the same yellowy color.

Then I took the fabric samples from a discarded upholstery book (Scrap box, Ann Arbor) and used them to cover the front. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had put something puffy under them, like batting, but it’s OK as it is.  I have fabric ribbon between the squares and plan to put a row of brass headed tacks down the center of each one. Technically, the “ta-dah” moment here would be after the knob is attached, but I plan to do something really cool with the handles and I’m not sure yet what it will be.

The drawer is shown here slid into the trunk. The one beneath it has been lined but I haven’t yet started the fabric front. Jeff is helping me pry off the ugly little flat handles from the rest of the drawers, and that one is next.