There was an ugly, yellowed, heavy plastic tape dispenser in a box of junk I bought at an auction. By the magic of art I have transformed it into an ugly RED tape dispenser, lol. Let’s call this one a learning experience, shall we?
What I learned: 1.) less is more. This looked best with the original coat of red paint. I should have quit while I was ahead.
2.) Red is difficult. It has baggage. Even when covered with shapes torn from brown paper bag, it screamed “Christmas!” The fact that it is shaped vaguely like a sleigh didn’t help. I considered other colors added to the red to unchristmas it, but finally just gave up and went with gold polka dots and called it a day.
Hey, I never said I would make something GREAT every day, did I? Well then. Don’t judge me. I bet YOUR tape dispenser looks like a regular old tape dispenser and not some garish holiday cack, and you’re just jealous.