Ok, well, we did it ten years later than average, but we finally got a “first day of school” picture.

Ty started last week at the Toledo School for the Arts. He’s enjoying it so far… updates as events warrant. Connor and Molly are easing into their schedules with the Ohio Virtual Academy (on line schooling) and all three have begun the year’s music instruction at a music school called “Forte”. Molly’s taking clarinet, Connor’s starting guitar and Tyler’s playing saxophone.

So with boy scouts, girl scouts, tae kwon do, Dad teaching an evening Biology class at Lourdes college and Mom teaching two nights a week at the Toledo Potter’s guild, we’re nback to scheduling our days on a grid.

We have plenty of down time, though, and family time. The nights we have a leisurely supper we cook together and have “family game night” once a week.

This weekend we moved the last of my new kiln bricks to the lake, went to the homecoming service in our UU church’s new building, and had my parents over for Tilapia and mango salsa for dinner tonight. Connor had a buddy over all weekend and I read a book called “Storyville” about the seedier history of New Orleans.

I’ve also gotten the OK to go ahead with a prototype for a commision, 100 beer steins for a guy who is opening a new bar. I have the first dozen done, and he wants them in batches of 25.

A class tomorrow night at the guid of all new students. I had pared my schedule down to one class while I was finishing my MFA, but I’ll have two again this year.

Lots of tomatoes, the sweet corn is still at roadside stands, the evenings cool for sleeping… summer hanging on. Life is good.

Oh, and as of the last weight watchers weigh in, Jeff and I have both lost 10 percent of our body weight