Three of the fancy show bantam eggs we brought home from the Ohio State Fair have hatched under my broody little mama hen, Jennecita. Four more are still eggs, but morning will maybe bring more. That’s happy stuff.

And the pigeons are in their new eight sided dovecote, roosting on the perches Connor built, using the little pigeon trap door, and sailing off during the day to return home at night. Mom and dad were here tonight, on the swing in the back yard, watching for them… it wasn’t until dinnertime (fajitas with jeff’s fresh garden salsa) that we saw them soaring in, bright and formal looking with their white-feathered bloomers, to put themselves to bed.

Yesterday we went to the Levis Common art fair, combining the trip with a bed swap (Tyler’s loft bed for another kid’s “Gregg Brady” twin bed). It was really hot, and Molly passed out while waiting to get her face painted at the children’s tent . Her big brother caught her as she fell, and once she was on the ground, called Jeff’s cell phone. By the time we came running, the EMTs had her on the gurney and were rolling her to the ambulance. She had lost her lunch, and looked a bit pale and embarrassed.

She said she was next in line to get her face done, and suddenly it looked like a grey cloud was closing in around her vision. The next thing she remembered, she was on the ground, with one lady holding an umbrella over her for shade, and another pouring a water bottle across her forehead. (Whoever you are, ladies, thank you so much!) I sat in the ambulance with her while she got her rosy cheeks back, chatted up the EMTs, and they used cold packs to cool her down.

We headed home to the air conditioned house (the car thermometer said 99F) and stayed in with the AC the rest of the day! She’s fine now.. she’d had a water bottle in the car on the way to the fair but in the future we’ll need to make sure she has one on hand, too, on hot days. Preferably chilled!

I managed to make a headboard for our bed this weekend out of weathered, silvery pickets from my last garden fence, and have plans to paint the bedroom this week. I planted fall and winter hardy greens in the space where my hoop house will be erected when first frost comes — corn salad, peppergrass, lettuces, beets for greens, mache, chickories, arugula. There are already leeks, chard and kale growing there, with more room for hardy translplants when I take out the yellow squash currently in the cold frame’s spot. In a cold frame under a hoop house, I can keep salad greens until Christmas with just solar rays for heat.

Other projects and adventures this weekend included a trip to IKEA, a lovely dinner at Rouge Bistro with mom and dad & brother and his wife, and some time spent on my pugmill and the kids’ back-to-school preparations.

Right now I am heading over to my website to take down my MFA show pots. They are all but gone, by now, and my new work is very different from my academic work, which in retrospect seemed somehow collaborative — as much about the expectations of others as about making work that inspired and excited me.

Time to move forward.