This was the dovecote before the roof and final touches went on. I’m inordinately proud of it. It is made of four trash picked wooden shutters. lined with hardware cloth from our shed… four salvaged slabs of particle board from a construction project… sheets of pegboard I brought home from a fabric store that was remodeling… a bucket of paint and a bunch of hinges.

It’s on what used to be the kids’ play platform (thus the slide) and inside it has perches with poop guards hand built by Connor, nest boxes and all the pigeon luxuries. They seem quite happy there. Connor says we should wait a week before letting them out, so they don’t get confused and return to the rabbit hutch where they were living before.

I’ll take a picture tomorrow of the way it looks now, with the roofing on. We still need some windows in the sides so we can spy on them better.