So I bought a kiln on ebay.

Which is kind of like buying an in-ground pool… first you dig the hole, pour the cement, etc. etc.

In other words, what I really bought was a large pile of bricks, which need to be boxed up, hauled to my folks’ property at Wolf Lake, and then assembled into a kiln.

We went last week (Jeff and I and the kids, and my mom) and boxed and hauled the somewhat mossy soft bricks of the outer layer, and some of the chimney bricks. Before we go back for the rest, though (and I am hiring some college boys to help with those cinderblocks) I have to build an arch form to slide in there. Once the top/keystone brick is removed, the whole thing will collapse… not a good plan, unless there’s an arch in place.

I spent Saturday and Sunday selling pots at the Monroe Jazz Festival Art Fair (lovely weather, and a pocket full of cash) and then we went Monday to haul bricks. Tuesday I headed for the lake with Molly’s girl scout troop for a tent camping night and some merit badge work (small craft, stargazing, outdoor art). Tomorrow is catch-up-at-home day, and then I begin canning peaches.

And building the arch form.

And finishing the dovecote.

Summer’s burning down fast…