This is the big casserole I’m working on, awaiting a knob. I have read that for ovenware, the bottom shape most resistant to thermal shock is a curve instead of a sharp corner, but I am not sure I like the way the base of this thing resolves itself, or the outward curve around the walls. I will throw a straight walled one next and see how I like it.

It also looks tightly thrown to me. I threw it with imposibly wet clay so it wouldn’t hurt my right arm/shoulder, and reworked it later. Maybe that’s why.

I could roast a turkey in this thing.  At least now. It will shrink in firing, no doubt.  It will need some kind of glaze that will do something  interesting on the curve of that dome.  Wood, salt, gas? decision, decisions. Maybe I will make 3 and do one in each.