This is a close-up of the weathered surface of my bread oven. I love how organic patterns like this make you lose a sense of perspective. It would look the same under a magnifying glass,  at your feet, or from an airplane.  Wind-made ripples in sand look like dunes, exactly. Water carves rock in miniature the same way it makes river valleys. 

Mud cracks are cool. This is a recent, thin layer of local clay smoothed over the surface of the oven, which — if I am not mistaken — is two years old last summer and still in good shape, despite having been left uncovered through a few rainstorms.

Tomorrow we are having a big sunday dinner after our yard work. The kids will pick up sticks and make a fire with them in the oven and we’ll feed it twigs and branches all afternoon– so I plan to make a nice big sourdough loaf to bake in there before dinner.  Amazingly, the oven fires best on small bundles of sticks, and the trees in our yard provide a steady supply.