…that I would put this poem on my blog. We composed it together around the fire. Pardon a couple of inside jokes that won’t make a lot of sense.

We are Team Savino,

And we don’t have a cheer!

We rode our bikes to Confluence,

and all the way back here!

We braved nine miles of rapids

along the middle Yough

Got stuck in several places

but never had to walk!

We walked bikes down the mountain!

We rode to town for lunch!

We also stopped for ice cream!

(Mom got cappuccino crunch.)

We saw the local waterfall

where Washington was stopped,

and then we had to walk our bikes

back to the mountaintop!

We saw raccoons and ospreys,

We saw a dozen deer!

Ty saw turkeys on the bike trail

(and we STILL don’t have a cheer!)

We had the campground to ourselves!

The kids explored on bikes!

They sailed at light speed down “coast peak”

’til Molly wiped out (Yikes!)

The kids rode rocky waterfalls

at “natural water slide”

and dad stood in the rushing stream

to catch as they went by

Mom baked good breads and cobblers

like a true dutch oven chef

and cooked good campfire suppers

for a very happy Jeff.

We couldn’t read our email!

Cell phones were out of range!

No movies or computers!

(The peace and quiet was strange!)

Instead we tried the hammock,

told stories, played Old Maid

did rounds of 20 questions

relaxed, and laughed, and played.

We wrote our days in journals

and sketched with fire-charred sticks.

We pulled out all our corny jokes

and stupid campfire tricks.

Now home, with happy memories,

and with laundry up to here…

Yes, we are Team Savino…

and we STILL don’t have a cheer!

Kelly, Jeff, Tyler, Connor and Molly Savino