It’s been a weird summer, right?
But people in pandemic mode are staying home, planting gardens, tending flowerbeds and otherwise spending more time appreciating their own back yards, balconies and community planting spots.

So: here’s a fun and creative project, sweetened by some random prizes. Before your corn, peas, tomatoes and strawberries start tempting the birds, woodchucks and rabbits, it’s time to make a scarecrow! Here are the rules:

  • Make a scarecrow! Deadline is the 4th of July, 2020.
  • Post a picture of your entry “at work” on the Scarecrow Challenge facebook page. (If you’re not a facebooker, email it to me at and I will add it for you! I will also post images here on the public blog.
  • PRIZES include:

A $70 mani-pedi at Lisa’s Nails

A $30 gift card for Black Frog Brewery

A $30 gift card at Big C’s BBQ

And lots of great second hand gardening books!

Scarecrow in garden