There’s a daily chore chart to keep the kids on task without nagging, but once a week we all work together to get the house clean.

On Sundays we gather around the bingo cage, each with a little scrap of paper to list our jobs, and a bowl to hold the number ball until the chore is done and OK’ed. The randomness factor has made this much more fun, and there’s one red “wild card” ball that you can use to swap any of your chores for one of anyone else’s. There’s always wheeling and dealing after the balls are selected, as we all have preferred jobs and most hated jobs.



1.)    Clean front room. Box any seasonal items for the attic.

2.)    Organize and vacuum living room

3.)    Bag recycling and put in van

4.)    Vacuum hallway  (take any waiting items up to attic)

5.)    Sweep and mop kitchen floor

6.)    Clean and vacuum kids closet

7.)    Sweep and swiffer bathroom floors

8.)    Clean and vacuum den

9.)    Clean toilets, inside and out

10.) Clean bathroom sinks and countertops

11.) Straighten and sweep sunroom and steps

12.) Empty wastebaskets to driveway trash, put in clean bags

13.) Sweep porches

14.) Feed and water windowboxes, pull weeds

15.) Organize kitchen computer area and floor

16.) Wash pans, clean and shine sink

17.) Feed and water houseplants

18.) Sweep basement steps and clean cat waterer

19.) Windex stove and dishwasher

20.) Yankee chore exchange

21.) Windex mirrors


Personal chores: Every Sunday

Put away any clean clothes in appropriate spaces

All dirty clothes down chute (check closet, under beds, etc) and change your sheets

Donate one item (front room) —  clothes that don’t fit or toys you don’t use

Finished library books to library box (front room)

Clean animal cages (plus mom- hen house, dad- litter box)

Harvest garden (ask mom what to pick) or pull weeds, 20 minutes

Clean and vacuum your own bedroom (use hose along mopboards)

Half hour of exercise or family bike ride (20 m)