I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m going over to my webpage http://www.primalpotter.com to post our family vacation photos in the photo album, but I thought I would put a few here as well.

This year, like most, we stayed closer to home: Hocking Hills, in Southern Ohio. A trail ride at a horse camp on the way, a tour of the gorgeous Ohio Caverns, and then backpackign and camping at Hocking Hills State Park.

The first day we hiked Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls — eight miles, in all, with light packs. The kids did great, espcailly Molly, whose short legs had to do double time.

The second day, we hiked Conkle’s Hollow, which was an exercise for mom in trying to look calm as the kids traversed rocky ledges above the treetops… I kept picturing that scene in “Last of the Mohicans”. But it was lovely, my kids were surefooted, and the whole experience was well worthwhile. (It probably burned a few calories, too! I got my second “five pounds lost” gold star at weightwatchers.)