I meant to keep a daily journal of the stuff I got done in June, but it got away from me. And I would have been embarrassed to admit how much had gone UNdone when I was trying to get myself graduated! (Winter clothes to the attic, finish my taxes, etc… )

After a good weekend, Jeff and the kids home from camp, potter/visitors in town for the art fair and a house finally clean enough for company — I am falling into a rhythm. I clipped on the pedometer this morning,a nd between yard work and the treadmill I totalled 6 miles.

The kids each head for the cherry trees every morning with pickign buckets I rigged (sawed-off plastic jugs with the handles pipe-cleaner-wired to a beltloop). I made 22 pints of jam: bush cherry, sour cherry, red currant, and a mix of currant and some wild grape juice I froze last fall.

Life is berry, berry good.