One way to make the most of studio space is to stack and stash. Tall shelves are full of glaze chemicals (the small amounts.. big bins are in the garage under the slab roller.) 5 gallon buckets of glaze are under the table (along with a big rubbermaid of clay and a creative industries wheel.) Around the windows are glaze tests on nails, and the light suspended from the ceiling is one of two heat lamps, which can be pulled lower to fast-dry pots.

Those two long louvered windows were salvaged form a remodel at my parents’ cottage. We built the place around the windows. (lol) The sink drain is connected to a buried 50 gallon drum buried in the ground, full of rocks and poked full of drainage holes. The sink faucet is connected to a garden hose that can run from the spigot on the house in the warm weather months.

The rolling bin with the three drawers by the sink holds my drill mixer and my “milkshake” mixer, measuring cups, rubber gloves and dust masks. The net bag on the front of the sink is full of sponges.