I woke up in Pittsburgh, PA (What a great town!)  and now I am home, tired enough to feel like I half dreamed the entire NCECA conference. More on that tomorrow, after I sleep, unpack and process a bit.

Tonight we colored eggs, as is our usual custom.  As I dipped and smudged, waxed and brushed, my head was full of bright majolicas, Russel Fouts’ smoky surfaces, the shiny little jewels in the Artstream trailer, Liz Willoughby’s carbon trap shino glaze, Jon Singer’s vivid glaze experiments on eggshell-porcelain.  We buy dozens of eggs every year and all five of us jealously guard our numbered portion, unwilling to give up a single perfect white canvas. 

 I know we’re all much too grown up for this egg hunt business, but who can say no to a holiday that involves Spring, chocolate, bright dyes and paints, ancient fertility images, and the Biblical reminder that “Hope springs eternal”…

Now I have top secret Bunny business to attend to — and a hot bath — and my own bed.  Rooming with Joanne, Patrick and Reem was more about all-night conversation than real sleep, and it will feel good to curl up next to my own hubby (and hope the kids aren’t up at dawn).