The kids — along with raffled pots — made $1200 for the Northwest Ohio Food Bank at the First Unitarian Church soup fundraiser. It was awesome. Toledo Potters Guild members, local majolica artist Ann Tubbs, and my bud Patrick Green from EMU donated bowls for the raffle.

The kids made enough bowls that parents could buy one to take home, and plenty more were left for sale to all the church members eager to sample from the two dozen crock pots of pot-luck soup (provided my church members as well.)

I had unloaded the hundred bowls (still warm, of course) the morning of the event, and my hubby and the kids helped me fill each one with water to check for leaks, and find and sharp and crunchy bits to sand down with emery boards.

We had a separate table at the sale for the half dozen “Lovely but Leaky” bowls… they all sold, as well.

It was great for the kids. They worked really hard. Kids are as aware as anyone of the unfairness in the world; maybe more so, because they can’t rationalize or write a check. It’s hard to save the world when you’re a kid. But with this project, they worked really hard, made something they cared about, and were brave enough to let it go — for the cause.

It was a lot of fun, but a little bit like having a baby… it will take a while for me to forget how much work this was and say, “Maybe I should do that again!”