ok so i went and screwed myself up good tonight… carrying a board with pots and supper through our tight packed-with-grad-students, profs, pots and equipment workspace, i ran shin-level into a low dolly full of sculptures waiting to be photographed and went ass over applecart. i came down hard on my left elbow on a big plaster sculptural mold; ended up on my back on the floor clammy and grey with potato soup in my hair, bloody knees, and bits of pots all around. Profs Lee and Diana swooped down to help, and studiomate Joanne came to the rescue, taking me to the ER for the several hours of fun that always turns out to be. She even gave me 3 motrin without charging $40 each for them.

x rays said nothing broken in my arm so no cast, but he pointed out that it didn’t mean i didnt mess myself up pretty good — he predicts the next few days will be more pain, bruising, swelling, back/neck other involvement. i drove home tho before it got too bad. jeff helped me undress and got me supper.

i’m in a sling, iced down and drugged up for the next 4 days or so, and he said it might hurt like hell for a month or more afterwards.

but it isn’t broken. diana had directed me last year after nancy’s break not to ski/skate/otherwise damage my throwing arms but i am forever in a rush and half distracted and manage to rack myself up semi-annually regardless. i laid on the little bed in the hospital gown thinking how i would finish and graduate… have patrick center big cones of clay on bats for me so i could hump throw left handed? do some intricate decorative work, somehow, lefty, if i couldn’t throw?

anyway i am down to typing lefty so no more long posts for a while… i need to put some pix on my blog tho… give me a day or two.