This was our annual no-boys-allowed weekend at Camp Libbey, near Defiance, Ohio. We had a great time. We slept in the pop-up in the tent field, ran into some folks we knew and made some new friends as well. They had campfire songs, climbing wall and ropes course, archery, trail riding, speed stacking, tomahawk throw, hiking, an astronomy and a wildlife program, and we swam in the big pool where Molly passed her swim test for the first time — which meant the deep end and the diving board, with no “floaties”.

We saw deer and wild turkeys, handled deer skulls and live animals, and laid awake late at night looking at the stars and talking the way girls know how to talk.

I posted some moments below. Tomorrow we take my dad to breakfast for Father’s day, then Tyler is awarded his Religion in Life medal at our Unitarian Universalist church. Jeff has asked for pork chops with pesto and provolone for his father’s day dinner. Jeff’s mom and her husband have been in town/at my folks’ cottage this last week, and left today for the next leg of their trip. I’ll be back to the studio this week for the first time in a while.

Girl scouts rock… energetic, intelligent, “unaffected” teen girl counselors from the US and all over the world made the activities fun. They knew just when to push and when to step back, at the climbing wall, knew how to match each kid with the personality of each horse, and took their jobs seriously without ever losing a sense of fun. And they seemed to know every kid’s name by the first day! I was amazed at how many girls called Molly by name, despite the large number of brownies and girl scouts attending. I’d love to see M join their ranks when she’s old enough for a summer job that far from home.