OK, here’s the idea: I’m getting ready to load some wet pots into my kiln, just the stuff I made this weekend. They are mostly porcelain, this time, mostly tripot feet, and mostly little ewer/cruet pouring vessels. I am not especially invested in any one of them, and I have about 15 more on my desk in the EMU studio (all different), half a dozen in the gas kiln and half a dozen out of the wood kiln, so this is an ongoing process.

Some of these I will dislike when they are bisqued and will never glaze, or will use as glaze tests. Others won’t glaze well, and some might make it all the way through and not pour well.

But my goal, here, is to find paths worth pursuing. So pretend this is the county fair and you’re the judge. Pick the first, second and third place ribbons, and then the one that’s really a dog and not worth firing.

You don’t have to be a potter to play. Most of my customers aren’t.

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