This is a gift for grandma that Molly and I made, with her drawing of Miss Bianca, a wine glass from the dollar store, and a jar of etching cream I found in a drawer full of craft supplies. It was great fun and I want to make more, but it will have to wait until after finals.

Here are the headlines:

The boys’ Lego Robotics team won a trophy in their competition (big public woohoos!) but didn’t qualify for state (discreet parental woohoos!)

Jeff just advanced to Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do. The boys are still ahead of him but he is gaining fast.

Today Jeff turned bowls on the lathe, I made spouts for teapots, and Connor embroidered a beetle of his own design. Tomorrow we decorate the tree and make cookies. I have a ton of homework and a presentation to prepare before Monday, too.

I have one spout and two teapot lids to go before I can crawl into bed with my book about the history of beekeeping. I love weekends.