Mid-winter makes me a restless sleeper, and I walk around all day half remembering surreal dreams.

Here’s one: I was on a college campus, on my way to the studio. I was part human and part robot, with lots of attachments, arms, tools, and an r2-d2 type dome for a head.

I tried to get into the building where my class was held, but I couldn’t fit through. I was too wide, too encumbered by all my extra parts.

So I stood outside the door and took off all my attachments, tools, arms, head-dome, everything, until I was nothing but a silver bucket with a bright light inside of it. I got through the door with plenty of room to spare. Then I stood there thinking: “How can I do anything useful now, without my arms, my head, my tools? I’ve discarded too much!”

I decided that I had removed too many parts, and went back out to look again, and take back select bits of what I had discarded. Just a few, enough to fit through the door. I was pondering what to take or leave when the alarm went off and woke me up. I laid there thinking about the dream, wondering how to shift, in the MFA studio, from doing what is assigned to making “my own body of work”…

Off to bed for more weird dreams… interpretations welcome. Though this one seemed pretty direct.