The week is over, all the running around and classes and appointments and errands are done. Homeschool is done, my last Potters Guild class for the semester is done (we finish up with a potluck-critique). All my students signed up for next session again.

Jeff’s in Connecticut. He got three deer, which is good news for our freezer and our meat budget for the year. They’re playing poker tonight.

Connor is out with his grandparents and uncle at real Seafood, for his annual belated birthday dinner (My folks are usually in Florida for his actual birthday.) Tyler is somewhere drawing, and I just walked through the living room to find Molly playing piano, with Miss Bianca watching from her shoulder. We never hug Molly without checking first to be sure Miss B isn’t in her sleeve, pocket or collar.

I am working on some pots on the kitchen table… a series that involves one upper pot that has to fit into a lower one. The physical fit isn’t the hard part, it’s the visual fit that’s making me nuts. When the kids go to bed I plan to do some throwing, but boy, it’s cozy in here by the fire…