Connor turned 11 this week. He’s a foodie, and wanted to have an “Iron Chef” party.

Like most things, it turned out to be a compromise between the elaborate affair he had pictured, and the reality check that mom imposed. Still, it was a lot of fun. The redhead in the picture is Tyler, and Connor and Molly are in front with their names on their aprons.

The kids all had paper chef hats and personalized aprons. They used the dough hook in my kitchenaid stand mixer to make pizza crust, then flattened their own crusts and selected toppings. Everybody decorated a mini birthday cake, and their party favors were bundles of bright red measuring spoons and cups, a few kitchen utensils, and some potholders.

Connor would have preferred more exotic fare, but his guests were happy withpizza, cake and ice cream. When Jeff came home from work, we all went out for sushi and the family birthday party.

I missed my first class ever for Con’s birthday. I’m going tomorrow (Sunday) though, to help stoke the wood kiln and unload the salt kiln.

I’ll take pictures to post here.